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Activities and Things to do in Negril Jamaica

Negril Jamaica is considered to be one of the most laid back locations on the planet. Many people who travel here on vacation do so for some rest and relaxation. Many visitors to Negril will find themselves spending their days lounging by the pool at their resort or taking in a walk on the world famous beaches. For the more adventurous there are a number of day time activities in Negril Jamaica which are sure to delight and thrill anyone. Many visitors will appreciate just a simple stroll down into the town square where you can take in the many sights and sounds of downtown Negril. Depending on where you are staying a walk either up the cliffs or down the beach is a great afternoon excursion which will allow you to really experience life in Jamaica and meet the many local citizens in small shops along the way.

Negril is famous for both it's incredible 7 Mile Beach located on the east side of town as well as the West End Cliffs where you can take in a day at some of the great bars and restaurants. Listed below are some of the more popular activities in Negril Jamaica.

Cliff Diving at Ricks Cafe

Cliff Diving at Ricks Cafe in Negril Jamaica

Rick’s Café is easily the most visited attraction in all Negril and famously listed as one of the top 1000 Places to travel to in your lifetime. From 30ft high above the water you can take a leap off the famous high cliff into the crystal blue Caribbean sea. You may want to take a handful of practice advances first from the 10ft and 12ft cliffs to ensure that your form is right.

A visit to Ricks is always free of charge and you can dive as many times as you like. Just take into account that if you do leap, its respectful to leave the lifeguard on duty a small tip (which obviously is optional). But if you’re fortunate, he’ll do a jump for you from the makeshift diving board created from wood, as well as secured to a tree approximately 75ft above the water. It really is amazing to watch these guys and their acrobatic displays. Ricks is also one of the best places in Negril to watch the sunset and every evening it bustles with 100's of tourists and locals alike who come to jump from the cliffs, sip some great drinks and watch the sun drop into the ocean in one of the most scenic and well photographed locations on the island.

No trip to Negril is complete without a visit to Ricks Cafe and for many regulars to the island it's the first place to go for a dip in the ocean and a cold Red Stripe to wash your worries away.

Kool Runnings Water Park

The Kool Runnings Water Park was established during the early part of 2007, and since then, it provides a welcoming family-friendly amusement activity in Negril Jamaica. The water park is situated on Norman Manley Boulevard across the street from the world famous Seven Mile Beach. Kool Runnings is really a top of the line waterpark that includes numerous attractions with something to do for visitors of every age group, locals and also tourists as well.

After passing through the park’s intriguing entry, visitors are presented with a magical watery world that features huge slides, lazy rivers, and so much more. Kool Runnings has several waterslide options, which includes those created for security concious visitors and those who are a little more adventurous and daring.

Visitors may go through the relaxing trips about the “Rio Bueno,” a very lazy river ride which is one-quarter mile in length. The route takes you under under numerous bridges and offers views from the lush Jamaican landscaping. Visitors may also decice to go ahead and take the exhilirating “thrill ride” option, experiencing and enjoying the Jamaica Bobsled Trip and other related excursions. A few of these slides may be ridden on single tubes, and some can be enjoyed by as much as three persons on a single ride.

A favorite of many tourisits would be the Green Grotto water slide, which is 40 feet large, 54 in . wide, as well as 385 feet extended. It features the latest available 3D digital reality images and technology. Having been designated as a “trip of your life” by many, visitors can choose any type of encounter they wish to enjoy. Riders who take the trip will be wisked away on a slide through the Green Grotto which has been named after underwater lake and cave systems found near Montego Bay.

The Kool Runnings Water Park is closely monitored through efficient and also well-trained lifeguards and staff who ensure the safety and perfect condition of all rides. The park is available from Wednesday to Weekend between 14:00 'm to Several:00 PM. It is shut on A monday. The cost for an entire day regarding unlimited voyages is US$28. Kids under four feet (48 inches) in height pay US$19. Youngsters under two years of age enter at no cost.

Golfing at the Negril Hills Golf Club

Situated by the main highway with quick access from the famed 7 mile beach in Negril, the Negril Hills Golf Club presents a fantastically reasonable and out of the ordinary round of golf. For all those of us who want a pause from the great beauty, vivacious and adventurous culture, and amazing beachfront and rock cliffs which are Negril, this golf course can live up to the task All to do regarding this facility is modest - from the clubhouse to the practice zone to the golf course alone. Not anything elaborate, just a high-quality round of golf in a delightful locale. Following a few days of chilling out on the beach, it may be pleasant to get back into action mode.

The 18-hole par 72 golf course at the Negril Hills Golf Club measures 6,333 yards and provides a challenging golf game with an unassuming atmosphere. Situated a brief ride away from Negril's famed beachfront, a lot of holes offer relaxing views of the ocean along with miles of white sand. The course is carved from the rolling hills of Negril, setting up winding fairways and crafty sloping greens. Raised tees, sand traps, and natural water hazards style the golf course much more appealing. The course is very walkable in spite of the undulating landscape. Marshlands and coconut trees that line the fairways present a tropical ambiance that is equally relaxing and picturesque. The course at the Negril Hill Golf Club presents a challenging match but it is nevertheless rather player-friendly for golfers of all proficiency levels.

At less than $60 for green costs this truly is a superb deal for Caribbean golf. Be expecting to shell out $85 for each person with an extra tip ($10/20 per person is considered a fine tip) if you are driving. It is possible to avoid the cart charge, however be expecting to tip on the high side if somebody is gonna carry your bag. Like most courses in Jamaica, your caddie is not just good companionship - but has plentiful course experience, and can help with yardages off the tee and on the fairway, and will aid you in reading the greens.

If you get pleasure from hilly layouts Negril Hills is going to be among your favorites. Just about all tees are elevated, and several greens are as well. The Bermuda grass is tough, leaving hardly any divots and barely a ball mark. Precision, instead of distance is a priority, although you will find an abundance of opportunities to bring into play a driver off the tee. This really is among the Caribbean's superior values. An enjoyable round of golf, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the bars and restaurants along the seven mile beach and highly recommended to fit into your vacation if you are in the area.

YS Falls from Negril Jamaica

YS Falls from Negril Jamaica

The more adventurous travelers may want to take the 1.5 hour ride and visit the magnificent YS Falls from Negril Jamaica. Opened in early 1990, YS is a natural waterfalls eco adventure with a lush botanical experience that will dazzle the senses and relax the soul. Located inside a isolated valley on the rarely traveled South Coast of Jamaica, YS Falls is proudly located on one of the few functioning cattle and horse ranches in Jamaica, the YS Estate. YS Estate is located within the "bread basket" of St. Elizabeth Parish and the people of YS Falls invite you to experience the culture of their country villages as well as the splendor of the local country side while you stroll across this tranquil hidden hidden paradise.

On entering YS Estate starting at the main South Coast road you will be instantly aware you have embarked upon a magical expedition. Take a ride on a Jitney tractor to this nature-based river excursion that gives the chance to encounter the splendor of the waterfalls surrounded with plant life and examples of immense beauty. There are seven waterfalls in total, a number of which cascade into natural and inviting pools. Certain parts are quite rock-strewn and as a consequence will not permit swimming. Lifeguards on location, point out which places are intended for swimming, however, having the ability to swim is a prerequisite for most of the tour. There's a natural pool, fed by means of underground and above ground springs, that is better suited for kids along with other people not capable of swimming where you can waste away the afternoon relaxed in the soothing spring fed waters.

YS Falls is well known as one of the better nature-based eco attractions in Jamaica presenting the chance to encounter the splendor of the magnificent waterfalls covered by green gardens and great towering trees. Newer additions for the attractions at YS Falls, consist of thrilling canopy rides, that soar from the peak of the falls to its base, and white water river tubing. These excursions are accompanied with skilled instructors to care for you all along the track. Should you look for complete relaxation, you might decide to spend the day as an observer, engrossed in the bounty and beauty of the all natural environment and surrounded by water, gardens, giant trees and continuous astonishment of the colorful tropical birds!

Extensive grounds, attractive ecological structures, service spots, recreation areas and a natural wading pool notify you that you're well taken care of on your stay. A short leisurely walk across the open lawns reveals the grandiose YS Falls! Disappearing amongst cascading pools and tropical foliage high up into the hillside you will be drawn curiously to observe what lies at the top.

Floyd's Pelican Bar in Parottee Bay

Floyds Pelican Bar in Negril Jamaica

Approximately an hour and a half drive from Negril is Parotte Bay. Located just offshore on a sand bar about a mile out into the Caribbean Sea and a 20 minute motorboat ride is the Pelican Bar. This uniquely Jamaican restaurant has the freshest seafood available which on occasion can be caught from the deck while you wait. Operate by Floyd, the Peelican Bar is a locals and tourist favorite for it's one of kind ambiance and truly unique location offshore in the middle of Parotee Bay. The menu is usually short, fresh catch of the day is usually all there is. Try the lobster served within ginger sauce over rice or the fried fish using a traditional Jamaican refreshment like Red Stripe beer together with it. Bring snorkel gear and swim across the nearby reef while your food cooks or spend the day lounging on the driftwood deck and engaging conversations with travelers from around the world. Whatever you do it won't matter because Floyd is a great host and he'll have you laughing and smiling as he tells you stories of storms and how be built one of the coolest bar and restaurants in the world.

Horseback Riding in Negril Jamaica at Rhodes Hall Plantation

Imagine exploring the incredibly gorgeous countryside of Jamaica riding on horseback! Ride along on a tropical journey atop a well trained horse and enjoy the views of the Jamaican coast line. Ride alongside a ledge and gaze upon panoramic views of the Jamaican coast with the aquamarine sea sparkling underneath the tropical island sun. Then ready yourself for a entirely unique experience as you cross the pearly white sands of a beautiful beach and enter the warm refreshing waters of the Caribbean Sea on top of your hoorse. Trot aling side of the crystal seas together with friends and family and enjoy the ride in your life while horseback riding in Negril Jamaica!

Rhodes Hall Plantation is an unmatched place to take in some horse back rides in Negril. Their massive 550 acre plantation encompasses just about every type of terrain you can imagine, creating an unique experience for newbies and riders with more experience alike. You will enjoy the individual consideration that more compact group sizes allow, as this creates a a lot more personalized and also pleasurable experience.

More than 60 horses can be found graazing inside the property when not in use for riding. The morass (Jamaican swamp) is one of the largest reserves in Western Jamaica for the Jamaican crocodile with more than 70 different residents in the park. They also have an small lake aptly call "Crocodile Lake" and a variety of saditional animals dwelling on the property such as goats, mongoose, dogs, cats and some of the most beautiful varities of Jamaican birds such as geese, guinea hens, ducks, chickens, doves, parrots, whistling ducks, Doctor birds, herons, myna birds, seagulls, sandpipers, pelicans and even peacocks.

The unique terrain of Rhodes Hall Plantation covers all that Jamaica has to offer; from whie sandy beaches to hills as high as 600 feet over sea level affording superb views all the way to Negril. The lush tropical forest features amazing stands associated with ancient bamboo, numerous forms of floweiring fruit trees along with other rainforest vegetation, creating a bird watchers paradise. Spend an afternoon on Rhodes Hall and experience things the way they were centuries ago on this historic plantation.

Zip Line Canopy Tour at YS Falls

Zip Line Tours from Negril Jamaica

Swing with the trees using the greatest of ease while on this adrenaline-charged Jamaica zip line tour! Take a zipline ride from Negril Jamaica and fly from one tree to the next between the tree-tops about 45 feet (14 yards) above the earth! You'll feel like Tarzan as you journey through the canopy of a tropical rainforest paradise!

Your own Jamaican nature journey takes you more than a series of decks and systems, connected simply by traverses, installed in the timber of the jungle. You’ll begin with a security briefing and illustration showing techniques performed by qualified canopy specialist guides who will stay with a person throughout your adventure. Then the fun starts with your first traverse (zipline) as you soar over the Great River.

Your journey proceeds with 8 additional zip line traverses in conjunction with intermittent walks. Each zip line ride and platform is unique with colorful names such as 'Threesome Stop' and 'Limestone Cliff' and are certain to be the highlights of your trip.

This Negril zipline adventure offers a selection of experiences that highlight the diversity of Jamaica's landscape and history. Hear and see the rushing waters below as you sail up to 35MPH (55kmh) across Great River and a 150 year old dam. This phenomenal experience of gliding silently by way of a tunnel through the trees will be the closest you may ever get to feeling how it is like to be monkey in the jungle.



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