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Negril Jamaica is a unique vacation destination known around the world as home to some of the best beached and along with those beaches are a number of unique vacation attractions and places to visit. Here are some of the most popular attractions in Negril Jamaica for you to consider when planning your vacation.

Seven Mile Beach

Seven Mile Beach in Negril Jamaica

Seven Mile Beach, sometimes called simply Negril Beach, is 11 km (6.75 mi) of crystal white sandy beach. It's a haven setting with azure blue waters, soft comfortable sand for walking on and palm trees swaying in the tropical brrezes. Seven Mile Beach was originally recognized on travel brochures as ‘seven miles of nothing but you and the sea.’ These days the once-peaceful beach that drew all those happy hippies in the early 1970s is now a much different place. On a walk down the beach you will see the many accommodations on Negril Beach as well as the hustlers and also the occasional nude sunbather. Seven Mile Beach is perhaps one the best beaches in the Caribbean considering that it has been voted such by travel publications from all over the world, but it is also one of the most hedonistic beaches on Earth. As was the case in days gone by, topless sunbathers still lie half submerged in the tranquil waters of the Caribbean Sea perched upon lounge chairs in the gentle surf, and the sweet sounds of reggae music still mingle with the breeze, but otherwise Seven Mile Beach has changed in just about every way. Today the Seven Mile Beach is a much livelier location with many bars and restaurants along with just about every conceivable water sport there is to offer. Topless sun bathing is practiced at dedicated sections and various hotel-specific beach areas reserved specifically for those chasing an all over tan.

Hotels line the beach and just about everything you can imagine is on tap to be able to indulge every single whim you may have. Seven Mile Beach is a natural oasis and idyllic ocean front location. Vacationers can partake in numerous watersports including scuba diving and snorkeling in the fair waters of the Caribbean. If you're able to tune out the hawkers, continuous reggae music and exhibitionists, than this will no doubt be your idea of heaven. Farther down on Seven Mile Beach lie a couple of all-inclusive resorts with private nude beaches. Tourists seeking to escape the crowds and nudity can head towards the tranquil northern end of Negril to Long Bay Beach Park and Bloody Bay Beach.

Facing directly west, Negril's Seven Mile Beach has been voted many times over as one of the best in the entire world. Legendary for the dramatic Jamaican sunsets, silky white-colored sands, obvious turquoise seas, and natural island character, the natural features of this phenomenal seaside are attractive to the heart and soul. Sheltered simply by one of the Caribbean's great reefs, Negril Beach is always relaxing and because Jamaica itself doesn't have very high tides, the whole protected beach is nearly level with the lightly lapping waters, making a seamless entry from sand to ocean. At daybreak and also dusk, the peaceful oceans stand so still they seem to be paying homage to the special moment of the sunsetting much like the rest of Negril.

Half Moon Beach

Half Moon Beach Park is really a unique location which can be found just a 15 minute drive from Negril along Jamaica's scenic coastline. If you arrive in Jamaica from Montego Bay you will pass thru the small community of Green Island on your way to Negril . Look out for the unique smiling Half Moon sign on the ocean side of the road. There you will find a beautiful a white sand private beach with six cabin rentals. They also allow campers however you have to provide your own camping tent. The park is on the historical Abington Plantation and consists of several exclusive islands for you to discover.

Stop in for a visit during the day and enjoy swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing or you can unwind and visit their all night bar and restaurant. This is a good destination for a scooter ride or even bike outing but not really within walking distance from Negril downtown area. You can get to Half Moon using any of the local “route taxis” which buzz along the same path day in and day out. Their stated goal at Half Moon Beach is to preserve a section of the Jamaican seaside in its original natural environment.

Bloody Bay Beach

One of the first locations you will pass on your way from Montego Bay is Bloody Bay Beach. Despite its severe sounding name, the area hosts a number of accommodations and is not dangerous in the slightest; the name is a carryover from this area's old whaling days. The beach at Bloody Bay has a large area that is still untouched and free from major development; the marsh reaches the area and comes right up to the edge of the sand. There are lots of vendor booths along the location - if you like to negotiate, Jamaica is your place. Also in the region are some perfect seafood cafes that offer outdoor dining and also the best fresh fish and lobster you may ever have.

With all of this abundant beauty, even the most sedate visitors will eventually need to get up by leaving the seashore. A great and relaxing way to get exercise is to swim in the ocean - it will help you melt away some of the energy from all of the great Jamaican meals you've been experiencing. Snorkeling is a particularly fantastic way to experience the water; there are plenty of trips to choose from as well as exploring the local aquatic eco-systems up close and personal which is very unique and educational. For those who desire to experience the water but don't want to get wet, a glass bottomed boat tour is a great match -- you can keep dry and warm and luxuriate in a drink or even two as many of the boats are equipped with the bar.

The Office of Nature, an open beachfront barbecue, is found on a nearby public area and tucked away beyond the private beach from Sunset at the Palms and is operated by a number of friendly residents. Many visitors go to the jerk stands to savor a meal of fresh barbequed lobster and also fish or perhaps sizzling chicken with rice and peas. After a scrumptious meal you might play a game of pick-up cricket along with locals, take an affordable guided snorkelling excursion or maybe simply splash in the ocean close to the coastline.

Negril Cliffs

Negril Cliffs Diving at Ricks Cafe

The Negril Cliffs are undoubtedly one of the most intriguing places in all of Jamaica. That’s exactly why they are worthy of at least one visit during your stay in Negril. Many of the Negril Cliff Hotels are probably the most fascinating hotels in Jamaica, not only because of its splendid location right in front of the ocean or the incredible sunsets every night but in addition because of the convenience and amenities the area offers. The Negril Cliffs have performed an interesting role in the history , culture and traditions associated with Negril Jamaica, but, above all, they're a unique expression of an all natural design that is possible to understand only after having observed it yourself. It's a real unique paradise in which began to become well known in the '60s and '70s, during the time when the hippies caused it to be a favourite place to go for their get-togethers.

Once you see the Negril Cliffs, you’ll get the genuine impression of the force and beauty of nature, of a land that powerfully breaks into the very sea and creates stone fractures as well as ravines, that are definitely a number of advnetures for those of us who fancy ourselves to be daredevils in search of adrenaline packed dives from the towering cliffs. Any holiday vacation to a ocean with such a vista view as those found on the cliffs must be enjoyable and calming. Stop by one of the nearby exotic gardens to find dance clubs that are the perfect places to savor a relaxing drink and admire the particular subdued shades of a Caribbean sunset, or for dinner under the stars. The following you can enjoy typical vegetable or even fish dinners, perhaps even accompanied by exhilarating music performed by original artists. Art, magic and also relaxation tend to be blended directly into an intoxicating mix that will never let you forget your own stay in Negril, your visits to such an enchanting place, and the overwhelming experience of euphoria.

Royal Palm Reserve

Royal Palm Reserve Negril Jamaica

The Royal Palm Reserve is one of the major eco-tourism attractions located in Negril Jamaica . The Reserve is an very gorgeous and tranquil tropical forest positioned within the protected Negril Great Morass. This 300-acre property features 114 indigineous plant species including the towering Royal Palm which is found only in this area as well as over 300 animal species including birds, butterflies as well as reptiles llke the Jamaican crocodile. The Royal Palm Musuem features history and information on the Great Morass and it's significance to the nearby ecology. The boardwalk meanders through the Royal Palm woodland and features a 4 story tall observation tower that offers an incredible look at the Morass and all of Negril. Royal Palm Reserve is about 20 minutes from Negril Town Square on the path to Sheffield. You will need a to hire car to get there as route taxis will not travel up the hills to the attraction.

The Royal Palm Reserve is a perfect place for eco lovers that enjoy watching birds, fishing as well as taking nature walks. There is a art gallery on philosophy with guides, nature demonstrations, a model of the area wetlands and posters of the natural environment created by students. Also is a half mile boardwalk encompassed by lots of exotic foliage, which ends in the small lake in which fishing is also be permitted.

A wide variety of endemic Jamaican species can be seen in chilling out in the lush tropical leaves. Many exotic birds can be viewed and observed while walking on the boardwalk. The actual endangered West Indian Whistling Duck are frequently found around Cotton Tree Lake and make for a very entertaining and interesting visit. Upon exiting the reserve is a gated area having a trail to some crocodile farm exactly where several Jamaican crocodiles can be found. Activities at the Royal Palm Reserve include guided and also unguided boardwalk tours, watching birds of some fifty species of wild birds, fishing, retreats, weddings, tours, scientific research and on occasion horse back riding. The entrance charge is very inexpensive.

Negril Lighthouse Park

Negril Lighthouse Park in Negril Jamaica

Negril Lighthouse was built in 1894 on the very westernmost tip of the island by the French company Bernard & Bernard. Standing proudly on a grassy stretch of land, this imposing structure is one of Negril's most famous landmarks. It is also the highest structure in the parish. In the daytime you can get a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and the Caribbean Sea. In the evenings watch the sun set in a most spectacular fashion. It's one of the first concrete lighthouses built in Jamaica. Its foundation is a tank which is about 18 feet deep, that is kept filled up with water to maintain the reinforced concrete tower well-balanced and secured in the event of an earthquake.

The tower is topped with a lantern and gallery. An automatic white-colored light flashes on a timed interval every few seconds as a beacon for passing ships. The light had been operated through gas initially, switching to acetylene in 1956 and photo voltaic technology in 1985. The superintendent, will certainly gladly lead the way the 103 stairs for any bird’s-eye view of the coast. No trip to the West End is complete without stopping by the Lighthouse Park to view most of Westmoreland Parish.

Blue Hole Mineral Springs

Situated only 25 minutes southeast of Negril, Blue Hole Mineral Spring is really a unique natural attaction nestled in the slopes of a small, peaceful local community. The interest in this area is focused on an amazing mineral spring which you'll jump or even climb on to for an absolutely stumulating experience! For enjoyment, you can also watch locals dive in from trees as high as 60 feet above the water. When you are in Blue Hole Mineral Spring, you will be approximaely twenty five feet below ground level where the mineral water is crystal clear, pure and refreshing. Blue Hole Mineral Spring sits under a spacious opening within Jamaica’s terrain and it is completely enveloped by Karst limestone. The particular naturally occurring mineral deposits in the limestone behave as an subterranean filter for the steady upwelling of water, leaving behind any luxuriously unique bath of natural minerals regarded by guests from around the world as a rue pleasure to enjoy.

The deep blue water actually bubbles up when you swish around, and it's so huge inside that one can even frolic in the water swimking laps if you wanted to. A massive pool adjhacent to the Blue Hole was recently built and is being fed from the nutrient rich mineral spring. The experience in nothing short of heavenly when you bask in the sun's rays with helpful locals chilling out around you. A low-key restaurant/bar provides excellent food and drinks. The surrounding groups are absoluelty beautiful, filled with gorgeous plants and flowers. This is a beautiful spot to experience pure Jamaican landscape and culture. The people who perform there are helpful and always willing to assist anyone who dares to take the plunge and jump into the Blue Hole. This can be as Jamaican as it gets and great fun and relaxation between genuine individuals who want you to get a good time.

Peter Tosh Mausoleum at Belmont

Winston Hubert McIntosh was born upon 19 October, 1944, in Kingston, Jamaica. A self-confessed trouble-maker, he grew up in the slum of Trenchtown where, inspired through the American music he might pick up on her radio, he soon started to sing out and discover guitar while very young. He got the nickname 'Stepping Razor' from a song written by his early mentor Joe Higgs. It was later covered by the 'Wailers'. The Peter Tosh memorial is found in Bluefields, Jamaica, which lies south of Negril upon Jamaica's less traveled southern coastline. The grave of "The Steppin' Razor" is actually centered within the small mausoleum, recently renewed by some much-needed renovations. A pioneer reggae musician, whose success included in the 1960s ska music group 'The Wailers' saw him or her shoot to be able to international fame, Peter Tosh remains one of music's most powerful voices.

Peter Tosh was murdered in his house in Barbican, Kingston by gunmen on June 11, 1988, at the age of 42. Also killed on that eventful night, was Wilton 'Doc' Brown, a herbalist friend of Peger Tosh. Well known broadcaster, Rob "Free-I" Dixon (Jasi Rasi Amikabakafari) died several days later at the local hospital. Also shot about that night were Tosh's spouse, Marlene Brown; Free-I's wife Joy, percussionist Carlton Santa Davis as well as craft-worker Michael Robinson.

Peter is perhaps best known for your 'Wailers' hits 'Simmer Down' as well as 'Get Up, Stand Up' but also enjoyed a reasonably successful solo career which saw the actual title track of his first appearance album 'Legalize It' become a great anthem for cannabis advocates. Later in life he started to be also known for his music and more militant views as well as, during the Eighties he joined former band-mate Bob Marley in succeeding as something of a trailblazer for the Rastafari movements. A visit to the mausoleum is a humbling experience and a must do activity for any true reggae music fan.

Roaring River

Roaring River from Negril Jamaica

Roaring River is located just a few miles North east of Savanna La Mar in the little village of Shrewsbury which was one of the twenty four estates originally owned by Peter Beckford, a horse trader that arrived in 1660. Beckford broke his neck some 50 years afterwards when he intervened in a riot inside the Jamaica Residence of Assemblage. The cathedral-like caverns located at Roaring River are quite large having a small amount of visible light located conveniently out of sight and supplying a wonderful environment. Small pools and caverns part off on the way will require a tiny bit of stooping in order to avoid the low formations.

Make sure you bring a bathing suit along with a towel, since the water is very clean and packed with healing nutrients. Dr. Scott, a local massage therapist as well as Healer can be hired as your tour guide if you ask for him. During the busy winter season, a Mento-like group plays tracks in the caverns for the entertainment. The unique percussion emerges by striking pieces of bamboo with a stick and by skillfully playing a couple of stalactites like a xylophone. A small donation for their services is requested after the music is played. All across the passages, the guide highlights, with his torch, shapes and also textures inside the walls and on the roof that by means of suggestion grow to be recognizable creatures and people.

When you arrive the local guide will meet you to display the way to the ticket office, then around the back and give; ignore the hustlers who congregate outside posing as tour guides. The actual lane that continues past Roaring River for about 1km uphill through the village leads to the riverhead and a beautiful sinkhole which is surrounded by the landscaped garden full of ginger torch as well as heliconia on the exclusive property of your Rasta called Benji where you can visit one of the most beautiful natural springs in all of Jamaica and spend a day living in the most serene and tranquil spots in the world. This lush verdant paradise is a truly unique place where two rivers meet underground and burst up from underneath the ground as the Roaring River begins it's journey downhill. This is a must see attraction in Negril during the rainy season which peaks in October and you are sure to never forget your time a Roaring River paradise.

Rhodes Hall Plantation

Rhodes Hall Plantation was named for the British family of merchants that originally settled the estate in 18th century and this historic plantation has been in constant operation ever since. In the early days the primary products were sugarcane and rum. Jamaican sugarcane is recognized for producing a very high quality sugar which in turn can be used to produce some of the finest rum in the world. The production of rum has played a very important role in the history and culture of Jamaica and was once the leading industry on the island. Rum production on Rhodes Hall has long since ended but there are still a number of large cauldrons used to boil sugar cane as part of the rum making process which still sit about on the large property.

The plantation includes a wariety of original artifacts including orginal shipping documents, called “tallys”, and a portion of the original road leading to Kingston can stillbe found in use as an access road to the property. Several other artifacts and implements of the era have also been discovered and preserved for display. Visiting this historical location will surely take you back in time to s simpler way of life and the way things used to be in Jamaica.

Long before Rhodes family took possesion of this estate the area was popular with some of the better known pirates of the era including John ("Calico Jack") Rackham who was the original designer of the skull and bones pirate insignia and was captured nearby on Negril Pointe by British Troops in 1720. Rhodes Hall was a popular lookout used by pirates and others who would watch nearby Bloody Bay Cay from this location due to it's height and particular location and the many caves and caverns in the area served as great hiding places for pirates and their buried treasure. Still today rumor persists that buried pirates treeasure is hidden in some of these undiscovered caves.

These days Rhodes Hall is a part of the Negril Watershed Environmental Protection Area and a unique eco tourism attraction in Negril Jamaica. The Negril Morass contains one of the largest populations of the rare Jamaican crocodile and the platation serves as a preseve for the crocodiles and many other endenic species of birds and animals. Rhides Hall is unique in that it includes an example of the many different types of environments you will encounter all across Jamaica including not only some of the best beaches but also a nearshore coral reef and hills up to 500 feet above sea level all within the 550 acre property. The unspoiled natural environment features a wide variety of indigenous plant life, including amazing stands of bamboo including the tranquil and serence “Bamboo Trail” which makes a great location of a leisurely afternoon stroll. The plantation also serves as a reserve an favored breeding ground for dozens of rae bird species including parrots, Doctor Birds and the White Crown Pigeon and is a great place for birdwatchers to enjoy viewing some of the rarest birds on the island in up close abd personal views.

Of course no plantation would be a plantation without lush tropical gardens and Rhodes Hall is no exception with magnificient fruit gardnes of platains, pineapple, breadfruit, ackee, coconuts, mango, avocado, pawpaw, plums and of course banana growing all throughout the property. The Rhodes Hall resort is a great location to stay or the perfect place for a lunch in their popular restaurant . Guided tours and horseback riding on the beach in Negril are popular activiites and make for a great adventure in Jamaica.

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For years, Negril's 7 mile beach has been rated as one of the top 10 beaches in the world by many travel magazines. The north end of the beach is home to the large all-inclusive resorts, and to the south are the smaller, family-run hotels. This combination gives the Negril area a large variety of rooms, services and prices.

Negril is famous for its miles of cool, white sand beaches. One of the most beautiful towns in Jamaica, it has a more laid back atmosphere than that of Montego Bay. When you stay at a hotel on the beach you are literally on the beach when you walk out of the beachside of your hotel.

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