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Condo Rentals in Negril Jamaica

Everybody needs a holiday vacation, at least once in awhile. There are many great locations to enjoy while traveling in Jamaica and a fantastic way to see these places is through condo rentals in Negril. With a condo rental on the beach in Negril you can spend time relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life without the worry of renting hotel rooms and travel planning. Condo units are complete apartments with all the amenities of a home in the perfect location for a vacation. Condo rental units have a full kitchen and many other amenties which can help you save money on the cost of your vacation by allowing you to shop locally and buy food that you can cook on your own. Without a dedicated staff of housekeepers and wait staff you'll spend less money by taking care of your own needs and have the privacy and security you would expect from your own home.

There are basically two primary options for you if you do not want to vacation in a resort or hotel room. A condominium or vacation home rental offers you the best choice for those who want something different from the average vacation destination. Both of these choices will present you with the comfort and privacy of your own home away from home. Both options offer designs that differ from a simple studio apartment to multiple bedrooms and many will also come with specialized features such as a hot tub, balcony, and many other luxuries to make your vacation that much more special. If you choose a vacation home rental you can on occasion get a fenced yard and private pool. Renting a house is frequently more costly than renting a condo because of the extras that come with it. Both a condo and home rental can be done on short or long term leases.

There are two basic ways that you can get your condo in Negril Jamaica. You can choose to rent a condo or you can even buy a condo and travel there for your vacation, then rent your condo out to others for them to use on their vacations. If you decide to buy a condo in Negril, you may need to hire a property management firm so that they can assist you in deciding on how much you should rent it for to make sure that you make a solid investment. A property management firm can help you to advertise and show your property at no additional charge and help you to make sure that the fees are paid after each stay, perform necessary inspections to make sure that the property is being kept up to your standards, make sure the tenants are well taken care of, and to insure that any issues are addressed promptly.

When you are searching for condo rentals in Negril, there are a number of questions that you must ask the property management company. These questions ought to include whether or not they permit smoking. If they allow smoking and you are not a smoker or you have health related issues then most likely that particular property may be the wrong choice for you. Something else you may need to ask about how well the kitchen is equipped. The more equipment the condo unit has, the more inexpensive you can make your vacation stay by planning and cooking your own meals. Most condo rentals will be cleaned before your arrival and will once again be clean after you check out. Having adequate cleaning supplies for your visit as well as sufficient linens and towels for the length of your stay can save you time and money plus make for a better vacation.

What information do you need before you plan for a condo rental in Negril? If you normally would stay in a resort, you will most likely find a condo rental to be uniquely new experience. To be certain that you get the most out of your money, make sure that you have a full understanding of how the vacation condo process will work and what you should expect upon your arrival at the property.

In what ways do condo units differ from hotels?

When you rent hotel rooms, you will expect a reasonably sized bed and bathroom with the possibility of a television and maybe a small dresser and desk. Hotel rooms generally provide you with the very basic necessities for short term stays with a little bit of luxury for your comfort. While hotel rooms may work well for an individual or maybe even a couple, there is little doubt that most hotel rooms will lack the additional space that you may find handy if you have several individuals staying in the same unit.

Condo rentals in Negril will most often provide you with more space than a simple bedroom and bathroom. Condo units are much more likelike small apartment units where you can expect a full kitchen with all of the required appliances plus other amenities like a comfortable couch, chairs and television in the living area. Most condo units will offer a dining room with table, while some condo rentals may have a few bar stools for stting at the kitchen counter. Whichever way your unit comes setup there are most like many more comforts of home which are included when you make a condo rental.

What are the price differences between hotel rooms and condo or vacation rentals?

There is a possibility that travelers may end up paying a little more for condo rentals and vacation homes in comparison for hotel rooms. The difference in pricing will most likely depend on where you are traveling and also at what time of year you are traveling. In spite of this, this difference in pricing can be easily made up when the rental of a condo unit saves you on many of your other costs related to vacation travel. In many cases the traveler will actually save more money over the total cost of their vacation even when they were required to pay more for the room accommodations.

Most people are aware of the fact that the additional expense of eating out in local restaurants can greatly increase the cost of a vacation. When your vacation travel consists of a group or family vacation with children and additional adults the cost of food can easily add up to the greatest expense you have for the entire trip. Vacation condo rentals come with a more complete kitchen which will allow for better meail planning and grocery shopping which on longer vacations can add up to real cost savings. Stopping by the local grocery store and picking up essential items can be an addded experience and allow vacationers to really have a sense of life in Negril Jamaica.

Are there any additional benefits to renting a condo in Negril?

Beachfront condo rentals will generally allow for greater access to the water and also provide more privacy for travelers. With a condo rental you are most often dealing with fewer people on the property and in many cases you will find that other residents are there with the same goals of solitude and privacy. Most condo units in Negril are part of a larger building and they will often be part of a private gated community with limited access by outsidders which provides an added layer of security and comfort. Most condos in Negril will have a private pool and courtyard for property guests alone and not as many visitors as the larger hotels and resorts. This adds a layer of privacy and comfort you just cannot find in most hotels and resorts on the island.

Renting a condo unit in Negril can be the perfect way to enjoy a vacation in Jamaica and the most affordable option for those who don't need to be pampered with staff and additional amenities offered by all inclusive resorts. Owning your own condo in Negril is a great option for regular travelers who want to take advantage of the cost savings and ease of access to a permanent vacation home in Negril Jamaica and a money making opportunity for anyone who wants to rent out their vacation home while not in use. If you are considering a condo in Negril Jamaica you must take a look at the listings available here on VisitNegril.com and contact them for more information about your travel needs.


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For years, Negril's 7 mile beach has been rated as one of the top 10 beaches in the world by many travel magazines. The north end of the beach is home to the large all-inclusive resorts, and to the south are the smaller, family-run hotels. This combination gives the Negril area a large variety of rooms, services and prices.

Negril is famous for its miles of cool, white sand beaches. One of the most beautiful towns in Jamaica, it has a more laid back atmosphere than that of Montego Bay. When you stay at a hotel on the beach you are literally on the beach when you walk out of the beachside of your hotel.

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